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The Bauer family is a fictional family on the CBS daytime soap opera Guiding Light and the NBC daytime soap opera Another World.

Family Members:[]

First Generation:[]

  • Frederich Bauer (deceased)
  • Douglas Bauer (deceased)
  • Karl Bauer (deceased)
  • Otto Bauer (deceased)

Second Generation:[]

Third Generation:[]

Fourth Generation:[]

Fifth Generation:[]

Family Tree:[]

Fredrich Bauer (deceased 1973)

Douglas Bauer (deceased)

  • m. Ellen Bauer [dissolved; 19??-19??]

Karl Bauer (deceased)

  • m. Alice Bauer [dissolved; 19??-19??]
    • c. Mary Bauer (deceased)

Otto Bauer (deceased)

  • m. Myra Bauer [dissolved; 19??-19??] (deceased)
    • c. Jack Bauer