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Blake Marler
Elizabeth Keifer.jpg
Elizabeth Keifer as Blake Thorpe
Guiding Light
Portrayed by: Gina Foy (1975-1978)
Cheryl Lynn Brown (1979-1980)
Elizabeth Dennehy (1988-1989)
Sherry Stringfield (1989-1992)
Elizabeth Keifer (1992-2009)
Duration: 1975-1980 & 1988-2009
First appearance: July 9, 1975
Last appearance: September 18, 2009
Cause/reason: Series finale
Created by: Bridget & Jerome Dobson
Family: Thorpe family
Other names: Christina Bauer (name when believed to be William "Ed" Bauer Jr.'s child)
Blake Lindsey (alias)
Gender: Female
Born: April 30, 1965
(originally July 9, 1975)
Occupation: Writer
Residence: Springfield, Illinois
Parents: Roger Thorpe
(father, deceased)
Holly Norris
Siblings: Sebastian Hulce
(paternal half-brother)
Hart Jessup
(paternal half-brother, deceased)
Marguerite "Meg" Reade
(maternal half-sister)
Marital status: Frank Cooper Jr.
(dating; 09/2009-)
Past marriage(s): Phillip Spaulding
(divorced; 1989-1990)
Alan-Michael Spaulding
(divorced; 1990)
Ross Marler
(divorced; 1994-1998)
Ross Marler
(dissolved; 2003-2006)
Children: Jason Marler
(son, with Ross; twin)
Kevin Marler
(son, with Ross; twin)
Clarissa Marler
(daughter, with Ross)
Grandparents: Adam Thorpe
(paternal grandfather, deceased)
Marjorie Thorpe
(paternal grandmother, deceased)
Stanley Norris
(maternal grandfather, deceased)
Barbara Norris
(maternal grandmother, deceased)
Aunts & uncles: Andrew "Andy" Norris
(maternal uncle)
Kenneth "Ken" Norris
(maternal uncle)
Nieces & nephews: Peter Reardon
Roger Joshua "R.J." Winslow
Cousins: Emily Norris
(maternal cousin)
Romances: Gary Swanson
Alan Spaulding
(lovers, deceased)
John "Johnny" Bauer
Alan-Michael Spaulding
Gary Swanson
Frank Cooper Jr.
Leonardo "Leo" Flynn
Ross Marler
(lovers, deceased)
Alan-Michael Spaulding
(affair/one night stand)
Frederick "Rick" Bauer
(affair/one night stand)
Benjamin "Ben" Warren
(lovers, deceased)
Ross Marler
(one night stand, deceased)
Ross Marler
(dated/engaged, deceased)
Jeffrey O'Neill
Frank Cooper Jr.

Christina "Blake" Marler (formerly Spaulding) is a fictional character on the CBS daytime soap opera Guiding Light.

Actress History:[]

  • Gina Foy (06/1975-05/1978; recurring)
  • Cheryl Lynn Brown (01/1979-09/1980; recurring)
  • Elizabeth Dennehy (05/1988-06/1989)
  • Sherry Stringfield (07/1989-08/1992)
  • Elizabeth Keifer (08/1990-07/2003; contract & 08/2003-09/2009; recurring)

Other Information:[]

  • Christina Blake Thorpe (full name)

Character History:[]