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Bridget Reardon
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Guiding Light
Portrayed by: Melissa Hayden
Duration: 1991-1997 & 2009
First appearance: May 21, 1991
Last appearance: September 14, 2009
Cause/reason: Series finale
Created by: Stephen Demorest
James E. Reilly
Nancy Curlee
Family: Reardon family
Gender: Female
Occupation: Unknown
Residence: Unknown
Parents: Sean Reardon
Mary Reardon
Siblings: Matthew "Matt" Reardon
Ryan Reardon
Megan Reardon
Lucas "Luke" Reardon
Marital status: Single
Past marriage(s): Dylan Lewis
(divorced; 1995-2007)
Children: Peter Reardon
(son, with Hart)
Grandparents: Hugh Thomas "Tom" Reardon
(paternal grandfather, deceased)
Beatrice "Bea" Foster
(paternal grandmother, deceased)
Aunts & uncles: James "Jim" Reardon
(paternal uncle)
Maureen Reardon
(paternal aunt, deceased)
Anthony "Tony" Reardon
(paternal uncle)
Lana Reardon
(paternal aunt)
Nola Reardon
(paternal aunt)
Chelsea Reardon
(paternal aunt)
Nieces & nephews: Maureen Reardon
Cousins: Michelle Bauer
(paternal adopted cousin)
Thomas "Tom" Reardon
(paternal cousin)
Dustin Cassidy
(paternal cousin)
James "Jamie" Cassidy
(paternal cousin)
Anastasia "Stacy" Chamberlain
(paternal cousin)
Anthony James "J" Chamberlain
(paternal cousin)
Other relatives: Robert "Robbie" Santos
(paternal adopted first cousin once removed)
Hope Santos
(paternal adopted first cousin once removed)
Romances: Elvis Reese
Hart Jessup
(one night stand, deceased)
Kirk "Shunk" [Last name unknown]
Vincent "Vinnie" Morrison
(dated, deceased)
Dylan Lewis
David Grant

Bridget Reardon (formerly Lewis) is a fictional character on the CBS daytime soap opera Guiding Light.

Actress History:[]

  • Melissa Hayden (05/1991-06/1997; contract & 09/2009; recurring)

Character History:[]