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Frederich Bauer
Theodore von Eltz.jpg
Theo Goetz as Frederich Bauer
Guiding Light
Portrayed by: Theodore von Eltz (1948-1949)
Theo Goetz (1949-1972)
Duration: 1948-1972
First appearance: August 31, 1948
Last appearance: December 29, 1972
Cause/reason: Death
Created by: Irna Phillips
Family: Bauer family
Gender: Male
Born: March 14, 1892
Died: February 13, 1973
Cause of death: Natural causes
Occupation: Carpenter
Residence: Springfield, Illinois
Parents: Unknown man
(father, deceased)
Unknown woman
(mother, deceased)
Siblings: Otto Bauer
(brother, deceased)
Karl Bauer
(brother, deceased)
Douglas Bauer
(brother, deceased)
Marital status: Single; at death
Past marriage(s): Unknown woman
(dissolved) [19??-1949]
Children: Meta Bauer
(daughter, with Unknown woman, deceased)
William "Bill" Bauer Sr.
(son, with Unknown woman, deceased)
Gertrude "Trudy" Bauer
(daughter, with Unknown woman, deceased)
Grandchildren: Charles "Chuckie" White
(grandson, via Meta, deceased)
Michael "Mike" Bauer
(grandson, via Bill)
William "Ed" Bauer Jr.
(grandson, via Bill)
Hillary Bauer
(granddaughter, via Bill, deceased)
Great-grandchildren: Hope Bauer
(great-granddaughter, via Mike)
Frederick "Rick" Bauer
(great-grandson, via Ed)
Michelle Bauer
(great-granddaughter, via Ed)
Alan-Michael Spaulding
(great-great-grandson, via Hope)
Jude Cooper Bauer
(great-great-grandson, via Rick)
Leah Bauer
(great-great-granddaughter, via Rick)
Robert "Robbie" Santos
(great-great-grandson, via Michelle)
Hope Santos
(great-great-granddaughter, via Michelle)
Nieces & nephews: Mary Bauer
(niece, deceased)
Jack Bauer
John "Johnny" Bauer
Romances: Unknown woman
(19??-19??, deceased)

Frederich Bauer was a fictional character on the CBS daytime soap opera Guiding Light.

Actor History:[]

  • Theodore von Eltz (08/1948-09/1949)
  • Theo Goetz (09/1949-12/1972)

Character History:[]

Frederick Bauer, or "Papa" as everyone called him, was the wise patriarch of the Bauer family. A German immigrant with a hard work ethic, Papa doled out advice and support to his family whenever it was needed. A man with old-world values, he was appalled by his oldest daughter's wild ways and wrote her out of his life. However, in 1949 when his beloved wife laid on her deathbed calling her name, he realized the error of his ways and accepted Meta back into the family.

Following the death of his wife, Papa went to live with his son Bill and his wife, Bert. When Bill succumbed to alcoholism, Papa did his best to help. Though he was disappointed in Bill's extra-marital affairs and frustrated at Bert's demanding attitude, he did his best to play peacekeeper and refused to take sides in family arguments. Instead he tried to show both Bill and Bert the error of their ways. When the birth of Bill's son, Mike, put more strain on the marriage, Papa made sure the boy had all the attention he needed. In time, he became Mike's best friend.

To Papa, family meant everything and there was nothing he wouldn't do for them. Following Bill's apparent death in a plane crash, Papa stayed with Bert and doled out advice to his grown grandsons until his death in February 1973. Though very few in Springfield remember Papa, the values he taught his children and grandchildren have been passed on to the next generation of Bauers.