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Hope Santos
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Guiding Light
Portrayed by: Cally & Brooke Tarleton (2005)
Lucy Palubo (2009)
Duration: 2005 & 2009
First appearance: September 2, 2005
Last appearance: September 17, 2009
Cause/reason: Series finale
Created by: David Kreizman
Donna Swajeski
Family: Bauer family
Reardon family
Other names: Hope Winslow (name when believed to be Edmund Winslow and Cassandra "Cassie" Rae's child)
Gender: Female
Born: September 2, 2005
Occupation: Student
Residence: Springfield, Illinois
Parents: Daniel "Danny" Santos
Michelle Bauer
Siblings: Robert "Robbie" Santos
Grandparents: Miguel Santos Sr.
(paternal grandfather, deceased)
Carmen Santos
(paternal grandmother)
William "Ed" Bauer Jr.
(maternal grandfather)
Claire Ramsey
(maternal biological grandmother)
Maureen Reardon
(maternal adoptive grandmother, deceased)
Great-grandparents: Hernando Santos
(paternal great-grandfather, deceased)
Maria Santos
(paternal great-grandmother)
William "Bill" Bauer Sr.
(maternal great-grandfather, deceased)
Bertha "Bert" Miller
(maternal great-grandmother, deceased)
Hugh Thomas "Tom" Reardon
(maternal adoptive great-grandfather, deceased)
Beaurice "Bea" Foster
(maternal adoptive great-grandmother, deceased)
Aunts & uncles: Miguel Santos Jr.
(paternal uncle)
Mick Santos
(paternal uncle, deceased)
Pilar Santos
(paternal aunt)
Frederick "Rick" Bauer
(maternal uncle)
Cousins: Jude Cooper Bauer
(maternal cousin)
Leah Bauer
(maternal cousin)

Hope Santos is a fictional character on the CBS daytime soap opera Guiding Light.

Actress History:[]

  • Cally & Brooke Tarleton (09/2005-11/2005; recurring)
  • Lucy Palubo (07/2009-09/2009; recurring)

Character History:[]