Shayne Lewis
Jeff Branson.jpg
Jeff Branson as Shayne Lewis
Guiding Light
Portrayed by: Travis Cartier (1990-1991)
Brett Cooper (1993-1997)
Garrett Stevens (1997-1999)
Tony Michael Donnelly (1999)
Billy Kay (2000-2003)
Marty West (2003-2004)
Jeff Branson (2008-2009)
Duration: 1990-1991, 1993-1999, 2000-2004 & 2008-2009
First appearance: February 19, 1990
Last appearance: September 18, 2009
Cause/reason: Series finale
Created by: Stephen Demorest
James E. Reilly
Nancy Curlee
Family: Lewis family
Shayne family
Gender: Male
Born: February 19, 1985
(originally February 19, 1990)
Occupation: Employee at Lewis Construction
Residence: Springfield, Illinois
Parents: Joshua "Josh" Lewis I
Reva Shayne
Siblings: Dylan Lewis
(maternal half-brother)
Marah Lewis
Jonathan Randall
(maternal half-brother)
Colin O'Neill
(maternal half-brother)
Marital status: Marina Cooper
(married; ??/2010-)
Past marriage(s): Dinah Marler
(annulled; 2009)
Children: Henry Cooper Lewis
(son, with Lara, adopted by Marina)
Grandparents: Harlan Billy "H.B." Lewis I
(paternal grandfather, deceased)
Martha Lewis
(maternal grandfather, deceased)
Hawk Shayne
(maternal grandfather)
Sarah O'Neal
(maternal grandmother, deceased)
Great-grandparents: William Lewis
(paternal great-grandfather, deceased)
Unknown woman
(paternal great-grandmother, deceased)
Aunts & uncles: Harlan Billy "Billy" Lewis II
(paternal uncle)
Patricia "Trish" Lewis
(paternal aunt)
Russell "Rusty" Shayne
(maternal uncle)
Roxanne "Roxie" Shayne
(maternal aunt)
Cassandra "Cassie" Rae
(maternal aunt)
Nieces & nephews: Susan "Daisy" Lemay
Sarah Randall
Cousins: Melinda Sue "Mindy" Lewis
(paternal cousin)
Dylan Lewis
(paternal cousin)
Harlan Billy "Bill" Lewis III
(paternal cousin)
Tammy Winslow
(maternal cousin, deceased)
Roger Joshua "R.J." Winslow
(maternal cousin)
William "Will" Winslow
(maternal adopted cousin)
Other relatives: Susan "Daisy" Lemay
(paternal first cousin once removed)
Harlan Billy Lewis IV
(paternal first cousin once removed)
Romances: Marina Cooper
Lara Faranzo
(dated/engaged, deceased)
Dinah Marler

Joshua "Shayne" Lewis II is a fictional character on the CBS daytime soap opera Guiding Light.

Actor History:[edit | edit source]

  • Travis Cartier (02/1990-04/1991; recurring)
  • Brett Cooper (12/1993-04/1997; recurring)
  • Garrett Stevens (07/1997-05/1999; recurring)
  • Tony Michael Donnelly (10/1999-12/1999; recurring)
  • Billy Kay (02/2000-01/2003)
  • Marty West (02/2003-08/2004)
  • Jeff Branson (12/2008-09/2009)

Other Information:[edit | edit source]

  • Joshua Shayne Lewis II (full name)

Character History:[edit | edit source]

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